Mutual Relationships

All relationships should be mutual…otherwise just retreat.
Some people just like to receive care / admiration / respect / even simple greetings without the intention of giving them back, or to simply be kind enough to treat you the same way or even a bit close.
You must know that these people seek fans and followers not acquaintances, if you’re a fan or follower then no problem, it’s your call and your life and no harm of that. But many people, including me, are unable to follow…they believe in mutual respect and trust…they believe in reciprocation so they just retreat and keep their distance without judging or criticizing.
Everybody is free to act as they want as we are free to react the way it suits us as well. I mean unless you’re one of my idols in life or some very big star (which I hardly care), I’m not seeking to be your follower or fan, I’m trying to build a relationship, create a bond and if it’s not mutual, I just retreat silently.

Written in December 2018    

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