Sunshine Blogger Award

I was really happy to receive another nomination! Oh wow, I’m really humbled! 
I was nominated by Laura for the Sunshine Blogger Award, my first nomination for this award; I love the award name though 🙂

Laura Venturini: is a very strong woman that struggled with many difficulties and overcame them all, she’s a fighter, a smart-ass, a giver and an animal lover as she describes herself.
You’ll find movies, songs, humor, poems, great articles, challenges. Lot of knowledge and fun so go and check her blog :
Thank you so much Laura 🙂

The Sunshine Blogger Award is peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity and joy. 

The Rules as copied from Laura’s post:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post/or on your blog

Laura’s Questions and the respective answers:

1- If you could only listen to two artists or bands for the rest of your life, who would you choose, and why?
Oh damn! Music is life, I find it hard to choose!
I still love old music and I would choose the many collections I have for various songs, I have a hobby to make albums and collect best songs, I can listen to that forever.

2-What is your dream novel, or idea for one?
I don’t know, there are too much creativity in this world didn’t get to see them all so I can decide which idea to add.

3-Do you remember the first book you ever read?
I guess it was a story about some smart donkey (I won it at school because I had the best grades) how motivational!  🙂

4- If you could live in any sitcom, which would it be?

5- If money were no object, where would you be living?
Italy, Switzerland or Norway

6-If you could INSTANTLY become an expert in something, what would it be?
Playing Piano & Guitar and singing (I want them all haha)

7-Who are three people, living or dead, that you most admire?
Mother Teresa Di Calcutta, Nelson Mandela and Gebran Tueini (but mostly I respect all the people that care for humanity, they inspire without being hypocrite) I must add from the living Keane Reeves

8-Is there someone you would love to see live in concert?
Not into live concerts but probably  “Imagine Dragons”

9-What was your favorite subject in school?
Reading and writing (Arabic language) and biology (French).

10-It’s “Self-Care Sunday,” what are you doing?
Sleeping mainly

11-What historical time period would you like to visit?
With today’s mood, I want to go just before my parents had sex to have me! I will recommend watching TV instead  

My Questions:

  1. If you knew you will die tomorrow, except crying or whatsoever, what you would do or say?
  2. Why you’re following my blog?
  3. What is your best post you read on my blog and you said wow (if any)
  4. Do you believe in love?
  5. If you won the lottery today, what’s the first thing you do?
  6. Do you forgive a betrayal or adultery if you’re married?
  7. Tell me why someone should be close to you or be friend with you? (even if you don’t give a shit)
  8. What you really love to read, that you can’t stop or ever feel bored?
  9. Have you ever been rejected or experienced one sided love? Describe it please. (oh that was a joke, don’t describe it please)
  10. Have you ever been with 2 persons at the same time? (why would you do that hahha)
  11. Describe the person of your dream, physically and mentally / emotionally.

My 11 Nominees:

  1. Eva :
  2. Elizabeth:
  3. Jessica:
  4. Steve:
  5. Lanus Christius
  7. Souad:
  8. Swastik:
  9. Chris:
  11. Ribana:

Good luck fellows 🙂 And please feel free to apologize if you don’t want to be nominated. No offense will be taken.

Thank you for reading! I will get back to you on all the comments you left on my blog, as I will re-write all the comments that vanished, just recovering from this terrible sadness and melancholy that struck me.

Have a great day!

Huguette Antoun – April 16th 2019

99 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Ahaha ☺️ Here we are again ☺️ You are too good Huguette! Raining with awards over you 😊🥳
    Thank you for the nomination! Very appreciated! Another homework for me 😊 Oh…Friends…I loved it ☺️

    1. I know you fed up from congratulating me hahah Thank you dear for reading! and when I read Sunshine, I couldn’t but nominate you 😊 Sorry for the homework but if you need help tell me hahaa I’ve been naughty with the questions 😀 😀
      Glad you love Friends, it’s amazing! 😊

  2. Wooowww another nomination from you ❤️ Best way to end a long, tiring and semi frustrating day.😊

    Congratulations to you as well. I hope your problem with regards to posting your comments is all well and fixed.😊

  3. Congratulations Huguette! You get a lot of awards! Thanks for the nomination too, but really, such hard questions, this one won’t be easy! But I’ll get it done, maybe Muffin can help me with this one.😺 Have a great day!😃

    1. Thank you Steve! And you’re most welcome 🙂 No stress really whatever is comfortable for you 🙂 You can not taking it, or select few questions
      Have a great day as well and Muffin will certainly help 😀

  4. Un grand bravo👏 et comme je l’ai dit auparavant 👈 vous méritez tout c’est nomination vous avez beaucoup de talent💃 et vous nous faites régaler😍 avec vos articles… bravo encore une foi👍

    1. Merci beaucoup Sofiane pour cette appréciation et gentillesse 😊 et bien je fais de mon mieux! J’apprécie tous ces nominations c’est vraiment très gentil de leur part!
      🙏🏻🙏🏻 je vous remercie pour lire et intervenir 😊

  5. Gees, seriously. I seem to be typing the words ‘congratulations Huguette’ a serious amount 😂😂
    But in actual seriousness I don’t think there are enough awards for you. You deserve them all and more 😁
    Where to start?! Actually I’ll start at the end. Between your answer and that baby’s face I’m in stitches with laughter hahaha
    You love your music obviously. Great love to have. I would find it hard to just pick two bands also. All depends on what mood you want. Imagine Dragons rock. Whatever it takes and Believer got me though some tough days last year. Even my son likes them 🙂
    I had to look up who Gebran Tueini was. I presume he’s the person you mentioned some while back about the inspiring person who was assassinated ☹
    Keanu Reeves is probably the only decent celebrity out there. Seems a real level headed guy. Plus he was in Bill and Ted’s excellent adventures. Be excellent to each other! Words to live by haha
    You studied in different languages?! Wow. Since the lovely British Empire took over some of this country the only people that speak Irish in the North are those that really want to. My Irish teacher at the all boys Catholic school I went to (which was run by priests) was a pervert. Sort of put me off learning it.
    But Friends. Friends! Oh no hahaha
    Your cool metre just dropped from 10 to 9.9999999 😂😂😂
    Lovely insights. Thanks for sharing Huguette.
    And don’t worry about the Friends thing. I still love you haha
    Much love 😊❤

    1. I guess you must start the copy and paste thing haha I can understand the hassle! Let’s hope I will stop these awards for good, so nice as usually Chris!
      Glad the last answer made you laugh hahha this baby is hilarious, it was my face yesterday 😂😂
      Yes I love music, sometimes I don’t really know the genre I guess mostly it’s pop/rock or pop. I’m not into hard rock music but imagine dragons have really great songs and they’re good at stage I guess, the song Natural is amazing! I don’t know the Believer but will check them.
      Gebran Tueni is a journalist and politician that was assassinated, yes you guessed, he was the reason why I started to write politics, bold, honest and fearless…he was a threat!
      Glad to hear you say these words about Keanu Reeves, I love his movies but the reason why I consider him that important is his humanity! How much he’s modest, how much he helps people…He donated all the matrix money to some association I guess….and I was happier to know we’re born the same day 🙂
      Yes there’s always a mandatory language, French or English or both…it was French for me so we study everything in French except Arabic language, Geography and History.. .
      It’s good you could learn Irish wish such a pervert teacher! Hahah don’t let me start with priests now 😂😂
      Ohh don’t worry! So you don’t like Friends haha only 0.09 this is fine hahah glad you still love me then 😂😂 Have a great day and much love to you as well ❤ 😊

      1. Hey Huguette 🤗 Hope your day went well.
        Right, so the first thing I did after reading this was look up Keanu’s birthday haha Don’t want to miss that 😂 Although for a second I was like 1964? You don’t look that old 😂😂 Then I realised it was just the month and day haha
        Copy and paste! Haha Yeah, it’s just going to be ‘thank you for reading/sharing’ from now on 😂
        Oh now I would loved to see that wee grumpy face on you. Bet you would’ve been as cute as the baby haha
        No surprise Tueni was a threat if they killed him. Sadly that’s normally what happens to the great ones 😥
        That’s really interesting that you studied in different languages.
        I never learned much Irish. It’s practically a political thing here if you do. Back then I didn’t want any part of that.
        Priests and Nuns. Enough said 😂😂
        I see Swastik had mentioned Friends as well. What’s going on? Have my new found buddies lost the plot haha😂
        Much love to you Huguette 😊❤
        (Hoping to get to your other comments shortly haha)

      2. We’re lost and we need salvation 😂😂 so hit me with some series recommendations 😁
        1964 oh wow hahhah no not that old
        It’s September 2nd what we share 😊
        I believe you were born in winter as you mentioned in your post? December 21st if I understood well
        The day was also consumed by the comments or awards and hardly focused on my real work haha hope you had a productive and good day 😊
        Well I guess you should make an automated message here like the email
        « Thank you for reading / sharing » oh we’re so getting there 😂
        Will try to have some picture with a grumpy face to see where the cuteness will stand then 😂🙄🙄
        I still not getting what the politics has to do with learning a mother language 🤔maybe you mentioned it before but didn’t recall the main points though 😕
        Saw your new and I’ll be leaving a comment tomorrow for sure after a good read!
        Don’t worry about other comments and don’t let it consume you hahhah
        Have a great night and much love to you ❤️

      3. 😂 Think we’re well past saving at this stage 😂😂 Even Jesus couldn’t help 😂
        Haha figured Sept 2nd after a few seconds. I can be a bit slow sometimes 👴 haha
        Yes, Dec 21. It used to suck because it’s so close to Christmas.
        Haha Why am I not surprised. You’re making we wish I had a computer at work. Although your WordPress stuff is real work. Well, important work anyway haha
        My problem with replying to people is that even with short messages I don’t want to say the same thing to everyone. Generic replys are a bit thoughtless. That said the day where a bot will have to do my replys might arrive 😂
        The language thing. In Northern Ireland if you speak Irish it usually means you have Republican tendencies and want a united Ireland. In border areas the Republican politicians want dual language signs whereas the Unionists (those that are loyal to the British crown) just want English signs. In Loyalist areas they normally deface those signs. That’s how petty they all are. On both sides. It’s all so silly really. Like little kids fighting over insignificant things while the country goes to crap. It annoys me even thinking of it. Don’t know if that helps your understanding.
        Haha the other comments. Are you serious!? Am looking forward to reading them and replying haha Just need to get Alex to sleep then lay in bed answering them all night 😂😂 Getting well used to the lack of sleep.
        You have a great night too although you’re probably sleeping already 😴
        Much love to you too 😊❤

      4. Yes Jesus couldn’t help but you can help since you think Friends is not good, so go ahead and recommend some good series otherwise stop complaining 😂😂
        You’re not slow now! But you say the first thing that comes to your mind which is good😊
        Well I still love Christmas in my own way and apart from all the noise and traditions, I love this warm feeling of peace and joy even if all the dates are after all fake but still…it’s good you’re not born the Christmas day 😂 no one would care about your birthday
        Oh yes having a computer at work is the reason I’m being able to catch up, because all my work is on the computer also which is helping! So you need to invent many generated messages and divide them into categories haha: Formal, less formal, vulgar, friendly…😂😂
        It’s really a pity and they are kids indeed but in my opinion you need to do what suits you and don’t give a shit about them all! I mean you shouldn’t care what people think, and if someone tried to get you involved in politics you just retreat and tell them to fuck off…Okay this is one scenario hahah😂
        I don’t think you mentioned your son name before so it’s Alex 🙂 hope he’s good and now it’s too late for a good night so hopefully the day will be great despite the lack of sleep! 😊😊 moving to another comment hahaa

      5. Haha ‘stop complaining’. When I get to watch tv I like ‘The Flash’. That said my favourite tv show is Cobra Kai. You’d only know about it if you’ve ever seen the original Karate Kid movie. So I’m not going to bore you with that haha
        Oh Christmas. I love it. For the reasons you’ve said and all the coloured lights everywhere. Really brightens the place up! Bad pun intended 😂
        ‘Fake dates’ haha you do know you’re stuff.
        I had to take a break from WordPress today. Have been so tired it’s unreal. That said I’m back on it again when I should be sleeping hahaha
        Oh Alex. Yes, I’ve been purposely not putting his name online. Between tiredness and feeling I was just chatting to a friend I forgot we’re on a public platform. Unless someone reads all your comments it should be ok. You’re the only one on here that knows so 🤫😂
        Think there’s more comments so see you in a minute hahaha

      6. Well guess what? I saw the Karate Kid original movie, I watch « The Flash » « Arrow » « Supergirl » and « Legends Of Tomorrow » 😊 I only skipped these new seasons because I couldn’t find time to keep watching all these!
        You’re addicted Chris, you took a break for a while and now you’re here instead of having some deep sleep hahah we’re doomed 😂
        Okay we’ll stop mentioning it don’t worry we’ll stick to your son 😊 I do understand don’t worry 🤐
        Some people especially those who don’t comment or like or else, they enjoy stalking so I guess they might read all this 🙄🙄
        See you 💀 I believe this is how we’ll look like very soon 😂

      7. As you say OMG. I just didn’t mention those other shows because I never thought you’d watch them 😂😂 How silly am I? 😂 Legends is my fav of the others.
        And the Karate Kid! Mind blown 🤯😂
        Well Cobra Kai is awesome. In it Johnny (the Karate Kid’s nemesis) is a down and out alcoholic but starts to find redemption by helping a bullied kid. He’s like the Mr Miagi figure. Turns the old story on its head. And very funny also.
        Haha We are doomed. Seriously though. Why do we do this to ourselves?! We’re adults who should know better 😂😂
        Haha I think you’re right. My eye sockets are looking like that already 😂😂
        Much love Huguette 😊❤

      8. Well you know you can’t watch the one without the other now! We wait for the crossover like badly 😌 i also love legends funny and adventurous
        I love the KArate kid movie concept i general so I guess Cobrai Kai is awesome 👏
        Yes we’re adults and we’ll start acting this way 😂😂
        I woke up at noon gladly hahah
        Much love to you 😊❤️

      9. True. But I only watch Supergirl on the crossover episode. For some reason I couldn’t get into her show. The Legends characters are great. I love my misfits/outcasts.
        Oh Gees, starting to geek out here haha
        Cobra Kai is on YouTube. First 2 episodes of season 1 are free. Season 2 starts next week. I’m so excited to see it. Really it’s so awesome. If you watch it you’ll end up thinking the Karate Kid is a plonker hahaha
        Adults?! Haha what do they do?! Still trying to figure that out 😂😂
        You slept until noon! How lucky are you! That bed at your family home must be comfy. I got a lie in too. Was up at 8 instead of 7 🙄😂😂
        Much love to you too 😊😂

      10. Legends of tomorrow are all misfits and outcasts especially Rory and captain cold haha Sarah Lance is great thank as well
        Oh don’t worry “geek out time” hahha 😂 we’re all geeks 😎😎
        Actually we watch everything for free, piracy and free download or we buy them with low prices 😌😌 I will check Cobra Kai I mean why not
        Adulthood is shit, and the worst thing ever! Amen 😁😁
        Well as long as I don’t have work, it doesn’t matter how comfy the bed, I will just sleep hahha

      11. Geeks unite 😂😂 Rory and Sarah would be my two faves. Rory cause he has real heart but doesn’t give a shit at the same time. And Sarah. Well, doesn’t need much explanation, Badass and hot hahaha
        Oh I have a few sources for tv and movies but they are getting shut down more and more. You seem to have more available to you. Lucky you.
        Oh do check it out. You’ll know if you like it after the first episode. It does a good job of blurring the lines between who’s good and who’s bad. The Karate kid just sees Cobra Kai as the people who used to bully him. But Johnny is actually doing good because he helping all the nerds and geeks who get bullied. Plus he’s old school and tells it like it is! I think you would like his character.
        Gonna stop geeking now. I’m actually surprised and impressed that we’ve even had this conversation. You are definitely a very deep and multi-layered woman. And I bet that’s not even half the story.
        The cool metre has been reset. You’re up to 11 out of 10 😎😂😂
        That was some prayer about Adulthood. Amen to that hahaha
        Sleep?! What’s that. I think I remember something like it but that seems forever ago 😂😂
        Hope you’re having a great day Huguette. Much love ❤

      12. Hahaha geeks unite indeed 😂
        Let’s see how I will manage with this blog and maintaining a normal life and then I will certainly watch it 😊
        Oh yes I’m full of surprises that’s for sure haha
        There was time I considered sleep wasting of time well I certainly changed my mind now 😂😂
        Been working on the premium plan with my brother and doing some changes after I decided to stay here and not move to a separate website
        Let’s check another comment hahah 😊

      13. Haha your normal life is gone. Kiss that sucker goodbye 😂😂 The blog rules 😂
        Ha take your sleep when you can get it. I find it a terrible inconvenience. Too much to do and it’s getting in the way 😂
        Glad you haven’t moved 😊 I see there’s a post there. Gonna have to read it later. Have almost burnt the dinner already 😂😂

      14. 😂😂😂 OMG Chris, don’t feed the kid burned food now hahah
        Goodbye normal life indeed 😁😁
        Take some break now to not burn dinner hahha you will read later 😊😊

      15. Haha the burning was narrowly avoided 😂😂
        Look, I’ll be honest. I’ve never been too normal anyway so it’s not like I’m missing anything 😂😂

      16. Legends of tomorrow are all misfits and outcasts especially Rory and captain cold haha
        Oh don’t worry “geek out time” hahha 😂 we’re all geeks 😎😎
        Actually we watch everything for free, piracy and free download or we buy them with low prices 😌😌 I will check Cobra Kai I mean why not
        Adulthood is shit, and the worst thing ever! Amen 😁😁
        Well as long as I don’t have work, it doesn’t matter how comfy the bed, I will just sleep hahha

  6. Congratulations Again Huguette! 😄
    So this is my second nomination? I really like the name of the award. Thank you for nominating me 😊
    Now I get… you weren’t kidding when you said that Keane Reeves’s quote is one of your favourite 😅
    Imagine dragons and friends ❤❤
    Last one is hilarious 😂 Though your parents might not agree with me on this…hahaha😂

    Writing a post requires time and I’m currently busy. But I would really like to answer your questions.
    1) The first thing I would do is sign up for organ donation. That’s something I really want to do. And I’ve even signed a pact with my brother that whenever I die he has to make sure that they donate my organs😁
    After that, I would just prefer to spend quality time with my close friends and family… laughing and chatting. That’s it!
    2) Like Seriously ? You still want to know why? Send me the poster of my favourite post of yours and I’ll tell you another reason why😂😂
    3) The post I love the most is ‘ A bird without wings in a big jungle’💖💖💖
    4) oh yes! With each and every cell of my body. Love is the most purest and powerful force of all❤
    5) Book my tickets and go on a Euro trip! On the top of my list are Italy, Switzerland and nordic countries😃
    6) Actually I don’t know how will I react. Because for me honesty and loyalty are the foundation of any relationship. But I believe whatever people do to you is already done to them. They themselves are in pain. That’s why I usually forgive people who do wrong to me because resentment drains your energy and nothing else. So maybe, I may not be able to forgive that person at starting but eventually I might. But that won’t mean he will have permission to be back in my life.
    7) I’m highly optimistic person so I have ability look best in you when aren’t able to. And I’m a really good listener.
    8) Do reading Memes count?😂 hahaha… I love to read about positive psychology, spirituality and personal development.
    9) No 😁
    10) I can’t even imagine myself doing that😂
    11) Though description can go pages long, I will tell you what’s important. A kind and honest hearted person with deep beautiful eyes.❤

    Phewww… it is a really long comment 😂
    Have a great day Huguette 😊
    Much love to you💖

    1. Hahah Oh yes it is, new nomination 😊
      Wasn’t kidding indeed 😊😊
      Glad my parents will never read my blog hahah despite my cranky mood I was laughing hahah😂😂
      Ok ok I will not nominate you anymore, it’s time consuming! Oh dear!
      Thank you for answering though, I highly appreciate it ❤
      1-We have another similarity! I already have the organ donor card and I wish that I will know when I will die so my organs can be useful to many people,…because they have to be given immediately otherwise they’re useless. I hope someone will remember that after I die
      Yes quality time indeed is what matters the most, too bad many people wait for it’s too late to do it!
      2-Yes, I’m slow bear with me hahaaha 😂😂looking forward for these other reasons
      3- Noted , thank you so much ❤
      4- It is ❤
      5- same here hahahah one way ticket I believe! 😊 😊
      6- When we’re hurt, we hurt it’s a great perspective and I wrote it in a story as well…but when we’re in it, it’s so hard. Although we need to forgive for us, to be in peace…I forgive but I close my doors for good (never happened before but I hear it on daily basis from people and it’s really hard)
      7- This is a great reason, you’re a great human being and such an inspiration, anyone would be lucky to get close to you. 😊 😊
      8- Oh yes it certainly does! 😂 😂 great topics indeed, same here
      9- Great to hear 😊
      10- Loyalty is treasure ❤
      11- You said it all in one line dear ❤
      Hahaha it was a post dear not a comment and I really appreciate your time, truly and deeply😊😊 ❤
      Have a great day now and until next time!
      Much love to you 💖💖

      1. That’s the plus point of parents not reading your blogs… you can post these hilarious memes and make everyone laugh without hurting your parents…hehehe😂😂

        So happy to know that you have organ donor card. That’s the best thing we can do as we bid adieus to this world😁 Yeah, I know about that! That’s why I say to my brother, when I die you will have your entire life to shed a tear or two for me, but my organ won’t have that much time. So do that first, otherwise I will haunt you for rest of your life. Hahaha😂😂😂
        You want me to write 13 REASONS WHY I love your blog? Hahaha😂😂
        Exactly! I forgive but that’s doesn’t mean you can still be part of my life😬

        Yeah, I looked more like a post than comment. I realised that afterwards 😂
        But I had fun answering those questions. So it was worth the effort 😊
        Have good night😴
        Lots of love to you💕

      2. Why they would be hurt from watching TV 📺 🙄🙄🙄🙄
        😂😂😂 oh glad they’re not reading this, I certainly don’t like to hurt their feelings in anyway
        OMG your poor brother 😂😂 he’s under some pressure! I hope he will not donate your organs while you still alive because the poor boy is threatened and afraid to be haunted by you 😂😂😂😂
        13 reasons why doesn’t have a good ending let’s make them 2 or 3 😁😁😁
        It was meant to be a post because you answered here, so it’s a very good post too bad you don’t have time to post it 😊😊
        Good night and sweet dreams 💕💕💤💤
        Lots of love to you as well ❤️

  7. This is so strange and annoying! The whole post is one long and blinking black board after scrolling below the photo of Italy (I think). Shit! Is it app bug 😠
    Argh. Saving the post for later read.

    1. It is annoying! I can relate, it always plays games from mobile and it crashes 100 times per second 😑😑😑 don’t worry at all whenever it’s better don’t stress yourself like I did ❤️

  8. Thank you for your nomination, even do I have no time for extra posts writing (I barely have the time for my own topics). All the best from Lanus (I’m Ianus by the way) 😉

      1. well well , my congratulations dear , it’s abvious that you have a wonderful blog , and you truly are an amazing writer Huguette , I’ve really enjoyed reading your post ,and I am thankful that your parent did’it 🤣 because they brought to the world a wonderful person , so I hope you got over that mood and found yourself . A big thanks for your nomination , it feels good when I see all this attention coming from beautiful and strong character such as you , I’ll definitely answer your questions , I have to find time to do it . have a great day dear ❤

      2. Thank you so much dear Souad for these lovely and uplifting words 😊😊 I’m really humbled!
        I can say the same about you dear , I was honored to meet you here 😊😊
        Yes I guess my parents are thankful too 😂😂
        Thank you dear and looking forward to reading your post 😊😊❤️

  9. I finally got to read it! 😭 Yay! 💃
    Then I went on to read and I was like: I have to tell Huguette I’ve been in Geiranger Fjord! It’s one of the first places I visited when my husband first brought me to his country. Everything else I wanted to say, however, evaporated when I scroll down to comment because I had to scroll back up. I thought I saw my name someplace and I was right.
    Thanks for nominating me Huguette! 😘

    1. You went to Norway and you’re here to tease me 😭😭 Anyway you’re in Spain so I’m teased anyway 😂😂
      Yes it’s your name hahah I thought you’ll never read it 🙄 you’re welcome dear ❤️❤️

      1. haha 😀 No way, I did say I’ll read it. But my WordPress app refuse to cooperate until last night so I decided to read it in my PC instead.

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