The Power Of Love

“See how easy it is to be heartless and cruel? It is so easy!! But it requires a great strength to have a loving heart! Fuck off” (Part of a story I wrote)

Love is not for weak people, those who are always afraid to be rejected, to be dumped, to be left alone, to be cheated on, Love is for those who went through all the above and they are still able to love and not afraid to try again because they know very well it’s not about them, it’s not personal even though it’s hard not to take it so personally! They consider that whoever hurts them it’s their problem and their issues! They just move on and continue living and loving….

Feelings change and people change, it’s not a problem, just never stop loving and trying; Even if they mock you, reject you, laugh on your feelings…it’s always about them, it’s always their issues and their problem, because they are unable to love, because they simply don’t like you, they’re not interested..etc…I mean what about the people that are chasing you and you’re not interested? you keep bragging that this girl or this guy is crazy about me but you don’t care…
So when people reject you, you don’t close your heart and become rude and heartless, you just move on and keep loving and caring…Love is the only power that can change the world for the best, no other force has this ultimate power…

People run from love because they are afraid, they are terrified! They pretend they are loveless, heartless and they have other priorities…but in fact, they are terrified to feel, terrified of intimacy, terrified to be left even before they start the relationship! Terrified of finding someone as perfect as they want them…because after that, they won’t be having any pretext and excuses…

Living your life working so hard to protect your heart it’s like buying a new car and keep it in the garage, while you walk or take the bus! The car is a meant of transportation as the heart is meant to love and be loved…if you don’t want to use it, you’ll end an empty, miserable person even if you were successful, rich and powerful! Whatever you did, do it with love and passion or don’t do it at all…don’t be afraid to love and to break your heart, it’s the only way the light will go into your soul…hearts are meant to be broken, this is how they function, otherwise, they need a lot of maintenance to be usable again and they might not ever….

You don’t need to own anyone, just love for the sake of love…if you love a flower, it’s better to keep it in a pot then just eradicate it because it will die! Even if you loved someone and they became yours, it’s not necessary they will remain forever; feelings change and people change just love them while they are with you, while you are together and always be prepared to be left alone…don’t panic and don’t close your heart, the sea is beautiful but it comes along with the waves…it’s not steady all the time.

Imagine a boat endlessly docked! It will become useless; a piece of wood…a table will be more useful because a boat is meant to sail, to be in the sea despite all the dangers! This is what happen when you park your heart when you put it on hold, because you are so afraid, because no one deserves your heart….But does your heart deserves to be treated as a useless box?

H.A – January 2019

11 thoughts on “The Power Of Love

  1. Great blog post 😊 This spoke a lottttt to me.

    There were a lot of memorable points but this line for me was the best.

    “Feelings change and people change, it’s not a problem, just never stop loving and trying”

    You’re right. We shouldn’t let past trauma stop us from loving again. This definitely struck a chord.

    A couple of years back, I actually let the hurt and trauma haunt me. It held me back. But not anymore.😊

    Thank you for this 😊

    1. Hello Eva, hope you enjoyed your day off 🙂 thank you again for stopping by and reading…I feel great I speak to some people through my posts! Yes this what people find hard to accept, feeling change and people change…even ours! sometimes we want something or someone badly and then this is fade…some people want to punish others when they change, I see that you just walk away, you close the doors and let people do what’s comfortable for them…
      I’m glad you’re stronger now and you reach this point, past trauma and pain make us stronger and teach us a lot! It’s necessary sometimes to be shaken so we can see things as they are and move on 🙂

      1. It was definitely a breath of fresh air I enjoyed it even though it was short.

        Woow. Your reply was like reading another great blog post.

        “Pain makes us stronger and teach us a lot” you are right. Experience is truly the best teacher. Even if someone tells you their experiences, there is something about experiencing it yourself.

        I hope you have a great day ahead 😊

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