My Mother’s Angels

Yesterday when I saw my mother crying and sobbing because the chicks, the hens and roosters she was raising and taking care of for more than a year, are all dying day after day, they were hit by the flu and they start to die and nothing to be done even though she was taking care of them daily, continuously and she even tried to save them every day but in vain.

I sat there looking at her; she was crushed, gloomy, sorrowful, and miserable fighting the tears and then she fails to…the anguish was all over her face…
Last time I saw her like this was when I informed her that my uncle passed away (her eldest brother) it was a medical mistake and a shock that stroke the entire family!

I sat there and I didn’t know what to do but one idea kept crossing my mind: what if something happens to us, to her kids and husband…what she will do? She prays day and night so nothing harms us, I believe she won’t take it…and here I remember how we survived many incidents and accidents as if angels were around…

I remember when I was a child we used to wake up with flying shrapnel all over our stuff, clothes, furniture but not even one piece could hurt us…our house was not safe and we slept every day without the assurance that we will wake up and we always did…

When we left before the big war starts and before bombing our house…

When we crossed the contact lines many times and the snipers didn’t shoot us…

When we walked through the land mines and we didn’t blow up…

When my brother was shot in his face while hunting with his friend, we were devastated, terrified but then all injuries were healed as if he was a little baby!

When my brother took my father’s car on our birthday, and on our way back, he lost control and the car flew into the rocks; we weren’t even wearing seat belts and not even a scratch!

When some jerk tried to kill us by hitting the brakes so fast in front of a relative’s car on highway and then he continued driving even though we hit him but we didn’t lose control and we didn’t slide or die as he wished to…again no scratch!

When another jerk hits my friend’s car, she lost control, we crashed, car’s airbags were all deployed, my sunglasses were divided into 2 parts: one inside the car and the other around 50 meters away from car and again I get out from the car, like a boss, no scratch…My friend injured her arm, slightly.

When they bombarded the restaurant where my father was working and it sets all in fire but they managed to hide in a very small cave inside the rocks and they survived without a scratch!

When my friends threw a party to celebrate graduation and to say goodbye and I told my mother I will sleep over as it was planned, so she doesn’t have to worry since the party was in the mountain.
Then, plan has changed and we came back after midnight,
It was around 3 am when the car slid on the snow and we were few centimeters from falling into the big valley…then suddenly a big bunch of snow stopped the car!
Next day, I knew that my mother woke up terrified at 3 am because I was screaming her name in the dream, wearing white so she woke up terrified and started to pray!
After she narrated her dream, I told her what happened and if I was close, she would have probably smashed my surviving face! 😀

When I drive my car very fast and recklessly: tailgating, cutting in and out, I wonder sometimes how I managed to arrive in one piece! (But with a speed ticket of course!)

When and when and when…And the list goes on!

I remember all this and I realize that my mother’s prayers are keeping angels around us! They protect us, watch over us! Even when death is close, I don’t feel any fear…I know that God loves my mother too much to break her and God always gives us what we can handle, what we could carry, no he won’t break her and debilitate her, his angels are wide awake, alerted! Because my mother is praying profoundly and deeply and God is responding!

Do you believe in angels and divine power regardless your religion and beliefs? Share your thoughts 🙂 

H.A – February 4th 2019

7 thoughts on “My Mother’s Angels

  1. Your loved one’s prayers are the reason you are safe even though such terrifying situations 😊

    Happy to read this but also be safe 💯😊

    1. thank you so much for reading and for your interaction as well 🙂 Well yes I believe so! Prayers are powerful!
      I try to stay safe as much as I can 🙂 Thank you so much for your concern

  2. I’ve always believed in a supreme being. I was brought up a catholic and I still am a practicing Catholic. I do believe in the power of divine intervention. God does move in his most amazing ways. 😊

    I do hope your mother is okay and is coping well. 😊

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