Promoting My Comments into Posts! Part 2

If you enjoyed my first post, I hope you will enjoy this one.
After all, what is a post? Words and thoughts coming from the heart!
Why comments are deeper sometimes then your own posts?
Because when someone asks a question, it triggers our mind to answer and sometimes we’re a bit surprised that “how I don’t know what I really love and want” “let me think a bit, do I really like this and that” “what annoys me the most, Oh God I thought I know!”.
So it’s always healthy to check other’s thoughts and questions and respond accordingly!

We’re stronger than we think we are!
We are stronger than we think…Yes we are! And we can always become stronger and stronger each day, it’s just a decision…
But in the middle of sadness and depression, probably we just need a hug, someone to just hold us without saying a single word, because each advice a person will give us, we will reject it!  But it doesn’t mean this advice is wrong…and eventually we will discover that being strong is the only option we have! Life will not stop, it will move forward as we should do…
And all the pain we feel, each single tear we drop, will teach us how strong we are and how strong we grow everyday!

Take care of your children!
You shouldn’t bring any child to this world if you’re unable to fully take care of them physically and mentally…I believe such parents need to be punished! and when the parents are the abusers, here it’s the biggest disaster…I don’t know how to find a way to save the child and sanction the parents…It’s really a nightmare…the worst thing that can happen…
How you bring an innocent creature to this life just to ruin their lives?
 This is a very sensitive subject and I believe that your childhood will decide how happy or miserable will be as an adult! There is a saying for the writer and poet William Wordsworth “L’Enfant est le père de l’Homme” the translation is “The Child is the father of man”
it’s a very powerful sentence that shows that childhood define our adult character and behavior.

Expectation is the root of disappointment!
Well I believe that disappointments come from great expectations!
First thing I worked on through years is to lower my expectations and cancel them whenever I can…I used to isolate myself, cry my eyes out, self-pity and remembering everything bad that ever happened…
Now I know that expecting this and that is the root of all pain so I just do my duty and if it’s meant to be it will be…And if something didn’t work out, it’s probably because I didn’t work harder or it needs time…And people are free to act as they want…that’s it.

We are Unique!
I guess that we are what we are, one whole package along with our fears, flaws and perfections so we just have to try to improve as much as we can, be happy as much as we can… if there’s a cure for our mental illnesses that can make our life better, we must pursuit it especially if it’s affecting our relationships and peace of mind, but at the end we remain unique just the way we are…

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know your thoughts about the different subjects raised in this post.

Huguette Antoun – March 14th 2019

57 thoughts on “Promoting My Comments into Posts! Part 2

  1. I completely agree with you about children, before having children I think we should think twice before doing so…. Can we be up to it or not! Can we give them the healthy environment they will need to grow well…. Raising children is not an easy task…. And yes…. Everyone is unique and in their own way, and happiness I believe it is up to everyone to build it in their own way… Good night

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for this valuable interaction 🙏🏻
      Children subject is really triggering, we should really think twice and more…
      I agree everyone can be happy in their own ways!
      How come you write only in French?
      Good night and best wishes!

  2. The pleasure is all mine…. Actually, I speak better in French than in English…… But I’ve been thinking about it a lot these past few days…. And I think I’m going to start working in English….

    1. My second language is French but unfortunately the working language in my country is English and also it’s the language that most people understand here… so I’m using my French rarely
      Your poems are great as they are, probably you can add translation or add some fee posts in English
      Thank you for your reply 🙂

  3. Huguette, your posts are sometimes like a lovely assault on my mind. So many thoughts come through with each part. It would take an essay to talk about them all so I will just pick the bit dearest to my heart. I totally agree about what you said regarding children. In fact my latest post was about how my child is the reason I am trying to make a better life, be a better person. I’ve never understood the type of person who can be horrible to their children. There is no greater sin. And no excuse for it! Those type of people don’t deserve children.
    Anyway, your post was certainly stimulating. Thank you.
    Hope you had a great day. Much love as always.

    1. Good morning Chris, lovely assault hahah can an assault be lovely? 😊
      Thank you so much for reading and I know that children subject will be the most triggering for you, and glad your life got better because of your child and I’m sure his life is also good because of these efforts…What’s happening on daily basis is awful! How they bring children to this world and just neglect them or leave them or just drop them on streets…they deserve punishment I say
      Glad you liked the post
      Hope you’ll have a great day ahead 😊

      1. Ha Good morning to you too Huguette. I know they can seem a bit contradictory but I couldn’t think of another way of saying it 😀 It’s like reading something, having multiple thoughts, then bam! Think about this too, then bam, what do you think of this also, then bam, you just have to think of this as well. I love that your posts stimulate multiple thoughts 🙂
        Just this week I had a child that used to leave near me call to my house as no one had picked him up after school. He lives over 7 miles away now. His mum had forgotten to pick him up! It angered me so much. How can you forget your child. The same mum has a few different children and recently had a new one. All I could think was stop having them if you can’t look after the ones you have already. Grrrrrrrr
        Anyways, rant over. Best wishes for the day ahead. Much love to your good self!

      2. Yes I do understand, you have nailed it with the expression 🙂 As I told you before, what happened was meant to be so you can be a great writer I guess 🙂
        I know what you mean and I don’t even like to speak about how frustrating and how cruel bringing any soul to this world just to make them miserable…I really have no words!
        I hope that your son will son will have a great life ahead and will always have your support and care! (hopefully his mother too)
        Much love to you as well and best of luck in your busy day!

      3. Ha thanks Huguette 🙂. Yes, my boy with always have support and care from myself and his mother because I will make sure of it 😁 Not going to let my issues with her stand in the way.
        Well, that’s my time to write over this morning. Must say I enjoy our little conversations in the morning 😊
        Am glad to be able to talk with such a lovely interesting person like yourself. Take care. Hope you have a lovely weekend. It’s a big Irish day on Sunday. St Patrick’s day…I find it funny because I have so little interest in it! I only like it because we get a day off work because of it 😁

      4. Glad to hear that and best of luck always 🙂 Yes it’s mutual and great to speak with you as well, it’s good you still have some time before it gets busy!
        Yes i know about St. Patrick day, never really cared, just another saint, but yesterday I read a post and I knew that Ireland is the origin country of this day so Happy St. Patrick Day 🙂 even if you don’t care enjoy the day off haha Same here we wait for a day off, we don’t really care about the reason! Hope you’ll have a lovely weekend as well, always great to speak with you 🙂

  4. I do believe we are stronger than we think we are 💕 each person is unique and happiness is depending on each of us…💕 Children…I completely agree…I’m thinking more than twice before having them just because not sure if it’s the right environment for them to grow well 💕 Definitely not easy…

    1. Really amazing,it’s so nice to read the comments of everyone in one place, It’s more amazing to find so many lovely people bubbling with words to support and strengthen in the work of creation of thoughts and ideas.Thank you so much.

      1. Thank you for stopping by and for your comment 🙂
        Yes reading what others have to say and interacting is the most important part of blogging I believe

      2. This is the reason I’ve entered this wonderful world of blogging! It’s so great to communicate with amazing people from all over the world 🌎 💕

      3. Yes same here 😊 I wanted to be able to connect with people that appreciate your mind, what you have to say and probably like-minded people as well. It is amazing 💖

    2. Thank you for reading and for your interaction 😊 Glad we agree on many points and children are really a very big responsibility and you’re right to think more than twice on this matter… Wish you all the best always 👍😊❤️

  5. Superb! real and true.I loved all the points raised in your post,especially “you should not bring a child in this world if you can not take care of your child-physically and mentally.” Secondly ,I agree with you that Expectations are the root cause of all disappointments!
    Hv a nice day Huguetta!

    1. You are always welcome! I love reading and commenting on your posts. Yr posts are so real and honest!
      Love and Hug,Huguetta!

      1. I have almost read all your posts and would love to read new one and give my comment.
        You have a charismatic personality,dear! and i love such people!

      2. Thank you for the nice words! I’m also taking my time to read all your posts properly…because you have many certainly and I’m planning to publish more posts for sure and translate my Arabic writings as well
        Thank you for your encouragement 🙏🏻

  6. Gosh I agree with so many of these points, I don’t know which to comment on… Ok, let’s go for the expectations – I think we should set expectations, challenges for ourselves but take baby steps instead of giant leaps. It’s easier to accomplish something gradually or change route if its becoming to difficult this way. I know we’ve been brought up to dream big but I think that’s when the most disappointment can also effect us… So dream big but set stepping stones to get there & understand you may need to change direction sometimes… ❤

    1. Hello Suki and thank you so much for taking time to read and interact 😊 glad I gave you many points to choose from ☺️
      Well I can’t agree more, well said and it deserves to be a separate post 👍
      Dream big yes but be logical and flexible 👍 amazingly explained ❤️

  7. Good evening, enjoyed the read, whats looks really interesting to convert it in to the comments, but one really catches my attention …And if something didn’t work out, it’s probably because I didn’t work harder or it needs time… I think its possible from this to make really good post. The life makes as stronger, all what we go true, whats why with time we become stronger and stronger, not all of as, some can’t fight the difficulties and goes down and they nee a hand to pull them up, i can comment every single sentence here. Very interesting post, i read it 2 times. About the hug, have you ever hugged the child when he fell down and cried, could you feel how is hard beat became slower and he finally came down? I think its works the same way with adults as well, i could write an essay here, but i just wanted to tell you this post is something to think about for a while❤️🤗i wish i could come up with something like this, no jealousy, is always to follow the example at the point you are perfect example, have a great weekend, a bientôt🤗🌸

    1. Good evening Ilona, appreciate you taking time to read twice, it’s heartwarming and highly appreciated🙏🏻🤗
      I just write what I feel and most of my comments were wrote in less than a minute because they are from the heart, how I think and what I believe and my life experiences as well so I’m glad you are appreciating my thoughts…I agree sometimes we need to pull some people up but they need to be stronger as well, we can’t save them…we give them a push and they need to do the rest
      I’m not much a hugger to be honest, I hardly express but I know what you mean of course and a hug is a medicine most of the times for children and adults the same…
      It’s okay to be jealous sometimes if it made you want to be better as you said but I can tell you that no one can feel like another person, feelings are fingerprints so you are unique as your feelings are 😊 just compete with yourself and you’ll always win!
      Bon week-end à vous aussi et à bientôt certainement ❤️🌺

      1. I love how you see beyond the normal,the so common things we get used to and don’t even appreciate.We have so much to appreciate in life…right on the tips of our noses and need no mirror to check though we overlook it…I would call this post *THE SKETCHES OF APPRECIATION:A ride on love * As I love sketches.

      2. Thank you for the kind and artistic words as well 🙂 Liked the name so much!
        Oh yes we certainly have so much to appreciate and we learn everyday
        best of luck 🙂

      3. Best of luck to you too and am honestly humbled to be graced by you.Be blessed @huguetta

  8. We are unique and need to accept each other and as for the parents thing I’m totally with you… It’s get to common that children are abused.

  9. Hi Huguette! Yes we loved the first one. This second one also indeed interesting. Words are from heart! Exactly true. Okay! ha ha forget about true stuff and repeating what you wrote 😉 Life is a lesson and that is the way how people get stronger by facing all the hurdles and trouble. Children are not been taken care of and parents are the reason, wonder if government will bring a law for this behavior. and we see that in the result of our 2k kids generation’s behavior. Any great man would say stop having expectations and that is what we see here. And finally my usual word and quote “We are Human and we are Unique” just like your blog theme we are like fingerprint – unique with everyone.

    1. Thank you so much Simon for your time 😊 happy you loved these series and took time to check them 🙂 exactly we are like fingerprints, it’s so true, each person is special 🙂

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