Promoting My Comments Into Posts! Part 3

There are plenty of more subjects I want to share with you through comments I made on other blogs, I spend more time reading than writing and these comments are the result of all these readings.

 They are not less valuable than any other post, they are coming from the heart and expressed genuinely.  

On suicide and mental illness:

When someone wants to take their life, they will search for any tool to do it so as you have mentioned, guns are not the reason, and they are just another tool…
People take their life because it’s easier to die than to live, especially to live happy and true to their true-selves especially when everything in society wants us to be fake, judge us…and sometimes when there’s a big loss or big disappointment, we think that this is the end so we decide to end this pain..
I believe that it should be a 911 service for mental illnesses, for suffering (since you’re speaking about America, it can be any number for other countries 🙂 maybe there is, I don’t know…But what I want to say that mental illness should really be as important as physical injuries and more! When someone is physically injured, people rush to seek help and treat the injuries, but when someone is mentally ill, suffering and want to just die, people only talk
I mean they should be an emergency call for action or whatsoever for these cases as well! I mean why not? Which is more important? Healthy body or healthy soul? Both but the second is essential!
Because when someone reaches a dark point it’s useless to speak logic to them…they won’t listen, they need professional help; they need a very intensive care and much of love!

On Wearing masks:

I believe that we all wear masks to cope with our daily difficulties and judgmental society as well! But as comfortable as it seems, well eventually it makes us lose our identity, our true-self.
This is why we need to fight on daily basis to be whom we really are and embrace it!
Only by doing so, we can be free, otherwise will attract wrong people, will have fake life and fake relationships…
It’s not easy to apply but it’s the only way! 

On unrequited love (Why we insist to love the people that don’t love us back?):

This question is “the question” that everybody asks on daily basis. Psychology has an explanation that we love what we think we deserve, we think we’re not worthy to love so we love people that will never love us back, or we we’re trying to erase or change our past…And maybe they’re right, sometimes we don’t know our problem so this why we can’t find the right cure!

I think when we insist to be with someone that doesn’t love us back, or keep trying and trying it’s because we’re addicted to the thoughts of what could have been happen, why not? What’s wrong with me…all these things…
We create a certain image to this person, this image is not credible because it’s either we didn’t get to know this person very well or because we did, but this person doesn’t love us so all our romantic thoughts are imaginary!

The way I see it is simple, first we try because we don’t know the result, this person might be actually interested or we receive some signs so we follow them because we always hear: you should make a step, you should be open, you should not be arrogant and always wait…So we just open our doors…if it turned out to be mutual, that’s great but if not and the signs were misunderstood, we just retreat despite all what we’re feeling inside…I wrote something in my blog “You must realize that some people are in this world only to help you discover at some point that you are still able to dream or feel not more…they will not be a part of your life, maybe they only exist in your imagination…And that’s OK”

We retreat with some gain, maybe this person was a great listener, very positive, very open…we learned something but this person is not ours…”That’s it”

Yes, we don’t get to choose whom we love, I believe extremely in this but we can choose to retreat when it’s not mutual.  

On Right and wrong:

Some people are so proud, they just need proof of others point of view otherwise, it’s wrong!
We were taught most of the times that if we’re not right, then we’re wrong! Even though it’s just a perspective, right and wrong doesn’t exist most of the times…
So the more we know, the more we’re open to others, the more we discover how silly we were when we were fighting to be right or to have the last word…
When we thought we know it all!

Thank you for reading! Please share your thoughts on the above discussed points. 🙂

Huguette Antoun – March 28th 2019

112 thoughts on “Promoting My Comments Into Posts! Part 3

  1. Very interesting but realistic view. People don’t give mental health the same preferences as they do to physical health. Hello mind and emotions are also part of our body. In USA, a mental health care topic has taken seriously recently due to all those shootings. There are many crisis lines and community sounds are available. Yes the cut in the health care funding, has a negative impact on the mental health care.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and the valuable interaction! Exactly, mental health is not taken seriously everywhere! Glad they heard the shouts in USA! It’s sad to know that people health is that insignificant!

  2. Very nice points! About the last one: once we drop the idea of absolute right or wrong, we start seeing that no one is absolutely right or wrong. All situations are contributed to by everyone involved. It is almost never one-sided.

  3. Wow! All these topics cover most of our lives, and you made them so frivolous and understandable. Love to me always seems like an unknown territory, you just changed that🙂. Thank you for sharing all these points!

  4. I like the picture with How are you? and the word Fine with other words in it, the comments are very thoughtful, with loving people who don’t love us back, i find it very often in real life, we love someone who don’t care about our love, instead of turning in to those who loves us and give them our love.

    1. Hello Ilona, how are you? Hope you’re not Fine like the picture 🙂
      it’s a powerful picture and we do that on daily basis!
      we don’t get to choose whom we love, it’s useless but it’s not mutual we can choose to retreat…no matter how painful it is
      Thank you for stopping by 🙂

      1. Hello, to be honest i’m okay, got cold, but i prefer physical pain instead of mental, so i can say i’m fine🤗 always pleasure to read your posts🌈

      2. Get well soon ❤️ yes physical pain is much better than mental, hope you’ll not experience both!
        Thank you for the kind words 😊

  5. Wow… So many great topics in one post!😁
    I think issue of metal health is something we all should keep discussing, as normally as, we talk about upcoming Avengers movie or a trending diet or workout routine. Because there is a need to humanize people with mental health issues, and normalize the presence of the illness in question. Less stigma in the community will encourage individuals to seek support and address their mental health concerns.

    1. Thank you for reading and glad you liked the topics 😊 well from my point of view we’re all mentally ill, there are degrees but we all have our demons, fears and insecurities so I don’t know why it can’t be a normal topic maybe we’ll be able to help many people out there!
      Yes as you said less stigma will encourage people to speak, hope we will reach it one day

      1. Aha… never thought it that way! Yes indeed we’re all mentally ill in some way or another. And we have to realize this and help each in this journey.
        You help me look at things from totally different perspective. I love that! ❤

      2. My pleasure Swastik! I’m glad you have a new perspective 🙂 for me it’s so true because the human brain and mind are so complicated, sometimes we don’t have names for our issues, doesn’t mean they’re not there, sometimes we hurt no one but we suffer alone, doesn’t mind it’s not there…Thank you for your reply ❤

  6. Nice post! So many points, I don’t know which to comment on… Ok, I’ll go for the masks – Yes, I too think we all wear masks. I think we have different masks for different scenarios. I think there can come a point where we won’t recognise ourselves without our masks….

    1. Thank you Suki 😊 I was busy reading many topics haha
      Exactly my point, we will reach a point we’ll not recognize whom we really are! And that will be sad and will require lot of efforts and maybe therapy to discover our real self!
      Appreciate your interaction ❤️

  7. Oh wow you do raise very very interesting points. I think when people wear masks they do it because they want to be liked by others. One should realize if people aren’t going to like them for who they really are, it’s OKAY; life will continue. One should realize and understand that not everyone is going to like and accept them. Everyone is beautifully unique and the sooner they embrace that the easier and more enjoyable life will become

    1. Don’t know why I missed this one! Extremely sorry!
      Yes exactly, we crave other’s approval and we spend our life suffering and having a fake life
      Can’t say it better even if I tried, you perfectly put it 👍👍😊 Sorry thought I replied to this 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  8. Huguette. I always have to save your posts until I have time to sit and read them without distraction. They are always so thoughtful and thought full!
    You have really touched a nerve on a few points. Mental health particularly for men is a difficult subject. I was discussing this with a work colleague a few weeks ago. Men are expected to ‘man up’ if anything is bothering them. If we don’t it is viewed as a weakness. I suspect it is similar in most countries. Hense why suicide rates are vastly higher amongst males. Three times as much in most places.
    I don’t want this turning into an essay so I’ll leave it at that.
    Great post. Thought provoking and powerful.
    Much love to you 🙂

    1. Good morning Chris and thank you for the lovely and uplifting words always 🙂
      I know what you mean that men don’t like to show weakness but it’s stupid to be honest, if you have an injury, you run to the hospital, it’s not weakness, it’s the same when you suffer from deep depression, from bipolar disorder, PTSD, I mean these are more dangerous than all physical injuries and there are hundreds more names…Yes it’s too bad that people rather take their life then having the right therapy
      Thank you Chris as always for your encouragement and don’t worry you can make an essay as long as you didn’t deliver your point yet 🙂
      Hope you’ll have a great day and weekend ahead. Much love to you 🙂

      1. Good morning to you too Huguette 🙂
        I agree it is stupid. But sometimes the womans attitude doesn’t help either. I know a few who would look differently at their partners if they talked about such things. The conversation I had came about because the man had said he felt sick. His wife’s reply was ‘no you’re not!’. Some women don’t want a weak partner. Us men are aware of that. Hense the quiet suffering of most.
        I know also when I suffered from depression I was forever told it was all in my head. It is to an extent of course. But it was never a case of how to solve this issue. More a case of ‘just get over it’.
        I do also think that some people don’t know how to cope with or treat people who are mentally unwell. I guess it’s hard when the depressed person can’t even explain themselves why they are feeling that way.
        It is a very difficult subject to tackle.
        Anyways, having a great day. Hope you are too! 🙂

      2. Of course I agree with you that not sometimes, but most of times women’s attitude doesn’t help, sorry if I seemed siding women, not at all! I blame the lack of understand equally from both parties and this is the reason the person finds another relief such as drug alcohol or suicide. Sick is not weak, if this woman is stupid, many are not 🙂 Sick is sick and weak is weak
        Sorry to hear about what you went through, what the hell it’s all in your head means? After all, it is all in our damn heads but it’s screwing us and destroying us..
        I don’t mind if someone says: hey I can’t deal with your depression, I’m sorry but I do respect it and I know you need a professional help, because sometimes we don’t have the ability nor the medium to deal with high levels of mental problems but we can at least be supportive and understanding
        It is a difficult subject and not easy at all but we dug a little and we always hope for the best 🙂

      3. I think hoping for the best and leading by example by being upfront with such things is certainly the way to go. It’s up to us to help break those barriers down.
        It is a difficult subject but posts like yours certainly help more people face it. Nice work Huguette!
        Hope you’ve had a great day and an even better weekend. Much love to you 🙂

      4. Exactly, being a leading example is the way to go! Everyone should start from theirselves and their attitude
        There’s no magic, a life time struggle
        My day was good thank you, hope yours was great as well 😊 much love always

      5. Yes, think it was Ghandi that said something about being the change you want to see in the world. We’ll do our best 😁
        Happy you had a good day 😊
        And I don’t care if this is too girly… ❤ lol

      1. My pleasure Hug! I suggest you try to find time and read my other posts-i am sure you will like it!

      2. wow! You have read all my 487 posts.Thats great Hug! I also have read your all posts.

      3. I didn’t yet if that’s what you mean, I only have 80 posts so not hard to read them all unlike your posts, I read whenever I have time

      4. woh! Pl read only as and when you get time.It was only my suggestion to give you benefit of all my posts!

  9. J’aime la façon ! Ou disant l’approche dont vous expliquer les choses… Et sur le sujet de l’amour d’un seul côté je peux dire qu’on peut pas contrôler ce sentiment “l’amour” on peut peut être trouver tous ce qu’on a toujours chercher chez une personne, en tomber amoureux ou amoureuse sans que le protagoniste le fait aussi, peut être qu’il ou elle n’as pas la même approche que nous, et ça devient pénible… Très bonne approche… Bravo

    1. Merci beaucoup! J’apprécie vos mots! J’exprime ce que je sens sand filtrage je crois c’est la raison de cette approche 🙂
      Je suis complètement d’accord avec vous, on n’a pas le choix et on peut pas contrôler comme j’ai dit mais ci c’est pas mutuelle alors on devait quitter c’est ça
      Merci pour lire et intervenir 😊

      1. Absolument… J’adore ce que vous faites, vous le faite avec une simplicité merveilleuse… Merci a vous👍

    1. But Priya your comments are so valuable and important to me and who cares about vocabulary? 😊 but your words are amazingly heartwarming ❤️ thank you loads

      1. Some critics do! I got to be careful with what I comment. Glad to see your friendliness. Stay the way you are, perfect in every way. You made my day, though its night here 😂
        (Tried some pun😂)

      2. 😂😂 nice one
        Who cares about critics, just say what you feel and the people that don’t like it, can unfollow, so simple 😊❤️

      3. Physics, chemistry and Maths = a nightmare hahaha for me at least
        Glad you did good! Wish you the best of luck in the upcoming exams! What’s your major? Sorry if I asked this before, can’t seem to recall

      4. No you haven’t asked this before, chillax 😂
        I don’t have major in anything as such.
        I’ll tell you the study pattern in India. Till 10th grade, you have to study all the subjects. In 11th grade, you can choose between science, arts, humanities and commerce. I took science, which includes physics, chemistry, biology and maths. Theres a option between maths and biology. I took maths. I’m now promoted to grade 11.

      5. Damn what the heck is this 😳 I hardly understood hahah
        Good luck anyway and wish you will succeed in whatever you choose to do 😊

      6. No you’re not 😊 I’m not familiar with the system that’s it
        Yes sure I always preferred the non scientific subjects, always hated Maths because of some teacher
        Wish you the best of luck 😊

  10. Your comments on “wearing masks” strike me as extraordinarily insightful, Huguetta. They are similar to what I myself have sometimes said on the subject. That tells me you and I might be onto to something. Well, actually, I’m sure we are.

    So how do you handle the dangers of going without masks? Any thoughts?

    1. Thank you Paul for reading and for your kind appreciation!
      Well I handle the dangers by knowing that nobody can hurt me without my permission, the people’s reactions are always about them and their insecurities not mine…I might be hurt but it’s a part of the journey, after all no pain no gain…
      Thank you for your time

  11. Hi Huguette, how are you doing?
    As usual, a very insightful post, I must say 🙂
    Just commenting on two of the topics.
    Unrequited love is like the long wait for the smoke to come back to the fire, smoke is oblivious to the intensity of the raging fire. The solution, for me, is to stop burning for the smoke that has gone. 🙂
    Sometimes we need to wear masks, not to deceive anyone, but to protect ourselves. 🙂

    1. Hello Deepa, I’m doing great, hope you’re great as well 🙂
      Thank you for reading and for your time! I really appreciate it a lot!
      I loved the metaphor “Unrequited love is like the long wait for the smoke to come back to the fire, smoke is oblivious to the intensity of the raging fire…” Oh wow!
      I agree, we wear masks to protect ourselves but we end up by hurting it because we forget whom we really are, we numb ourselves and I believe it’s harmful, but I respect the people who are comfortable and safe with that, it’s their choice and they know what’s best for them
      Appreciate your kind words always ❤ hope you’re enjoying your time

      1. Thank you, I am fine Huguette. 🙂
        Yeah , you are true, sometimes the mask becomes our original face, that is a downside definitely.
        Enjoy your Sunday off 🙂

  12. Ohh this is an amazing idea, as I and everyone else have said and your thoughts are so clear and interesting. I agree with you a lot, especially about the mental illness part.

    1. Thank you Ramyani 🙂 Hope your exams are going smoothly?
      Yes I’m spending lot of time really reading other posts and interacting and at some point I felt my comments are neglected as I mentioned in part 1 from these series of posts so the idea came to me, glad you loved it ❤ appreciate your kind words

      1. Yes comments are neglected and just replied with a thank you, when the person has made efforts to comment! My exams are finished.. and I am enjoying a session ending vacation after which my last year in high school begins..

  13. Omg my favorite topic now a days… UNREQUITED LOVE.

    During my crazy month of being away… I too just got rejected as well. SO expect alot of angst in my upcoming post hahahaha

    “I think when we insist to be with someone that doesn’t love us back, or keep trying and trying it’s because we’re addicted to the thoughts of what could have been happen, why not? What’s wrong with me…all these things…
    We create a certain image to this person, this image is not credible because it’s either we didn’t get to know this person very well or because we did, but this person doesn’t love us so all our romantic thoughts are imaginary!”———EVERYTHING YOU SAID WAS SUCH A SLAP ON MY FACE.

    Which is a good thing! It was so honest and refreshing. It was like you were telling me to snap out of it!

    I still have alot to ponder but thisssss gave me a lot more to ponder on which is a good thing indeed!

    I enjoyed this very much!:)

    1. Oh I know it’s your favorite, guess it was commented on one of your posts 😊 Your posts were always been thoughts provoking as well dear 👌
      I feel you and don’t worry, one day it will be mutual and you’ll know the difference, just don’t give up on that, but remember to always retreat the moment you discover it’s not, you deserve much better ❤
      Thank you dear 😊Glad you did!

      1. Anyting related to love is always interesting hahahah 🙂 While we are on this topic… I just have to ask an unbiased person…. which is you.:)

        I would have totally accepted it if a guy flat out rejected me. Like typical unrequited love. Where the guy is really not into you.

        But when he asks you out for a meal and treats you for everything, walks you to your car, hugs you goodbye. And says I had a great time, and its not everyday that I treat anyone out.

        Then he puts you in a friendzone through text! and when you see each other again, he acts all nice and after gives you a handful of goodies after being away on a trip. And when he did this, he totally went out of his way while being sick just to do so.

        Does that make sense to you?

      2. Must be the devil’s advocate here: he asks you for a meal, what was the ambiance, what did you spoke? I mean he shows admiration or he was just taking you out as a friend? Sorry has to ask this
        Some people keep the manners until the end (I had a great time, opens the door) but it doesn’t mean they care) or they were trying and there’s something that made them want to not proceed further so they stopped…
        Me? I hate this kind that confuses, but being nice again is not enough! Do you know that when you really like someone, like really, you can’t be nice? You treat all the others in a nice way and then this particular person, you’re weird, you ignore them, you’re not comfortable to even be nice! Means yo care sooo much! same goes to the other party
        Hope I gave some answer, but to be honest with you, I need to see or to hear the full story, one look is enough, I read people so easily

      3. Well he called me out coz he needed help for his examinations in order to become a doctor (I took it earlier than him.) The ambiance was laid back, nothing fancy. We talked about everything and anything. THat day he told me he broke up with his girlfriend but wanted to tell me in person instead.

        As a background. We are pretty close since our personalities click very well. We were partners during our hospital rotations so we had a great team work. He’s the type to bully me and tease me alot. Gives me a hard time especially when I park my car.( we are both tardy so we usually arrive at the same time).

        What made things even weirder was were on the same flight and when he saw my mom he was supppperrr respecful. Which made my mom ask questions as well.

      4. Don’t get mad Eva, but all what you’re mentioning don’t give a proof that he cares for you more than a friend, I’m sorry (eyes language, he missed you? he cares for little details? I mean anything at all
        RESPECT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LOVE? sorry Eva for the caps, if you were close I would have shouted hahahah ❤

      5. No worries:) I really appreciate the honesty. My bestfriend also gave me a good scolding.
        so your scolding is also quite helpful too. Im like 98% cured with both of your help.

        If I look at it more clearly, I think I’m just trying to mend my wounded ego. I know this might sound obnoxious but I’ve never been rejected prior to this hahahhaha. It’s new and it hurt my ego.

        Atleast he respected me. And yes you are right respect doesnt equate to love. I’ve never thought of it that way. Definitely great hearing an unbiased opinion

      6. Oh no I can feel what you’re saying, but don’t consider it a rejection, it’s rather a misunderstanding not more dear 🙂 I’m glad you appreciate my honesty, glad it’s helping you !
        Believe me some people can have really good manners, they van be extremely nice and it’s not relative at all with love or care but this world has become so cruel that we often mix respect with love and care…
        You’ll get there, and when it’s mutual, you will know and all doubts will fade

      7. Okay. You’re right. It’s better to see things in a better perspective. Misunderstanding not rejection. Yes.
        Well he did apologise for that. Maybe it was way of keeping the friendship and here I go overreacting and ended up ruining it.

        Things doesn’t have to difficult for it to work right?

        Thank you for the brilliant advise and words of wisdom. It took long but it’s definitely sinking in… in a good way 😊

      8. Don’t be hard on yourself, friendship is not applicable when we like the person! It’s better without it, don’t give yourself reasons to suffer and it will ease with time ❤ Big hug to you , no need to thank me at all! Glad you’re feeling better

  14. Hi Huguette! 🙂 suicide is not an answer and there should be more than just a dumb talk. Because it doenst help, honestly i tried it and learned it 😐 Mask, everyone wears it and the society is forcing a mask upon each and everyone. we wear a mask in our workplace a mask at home. Honestly a mask pays off their daily wages not being true. This is new why we insist? may be because that is called an unconditional love, and they must start accessing their brain why dey really do. that’s a lovely quote at the end. If some one is always right then they are at a very wrong place.
    Interesting comments overall. Loved it. 8)

    1. Thank you Simon 🙂 I do agree with you and there should be some emergency intervention as I explained! They are not taking mental pain seriously and this is so unfortunate!
      We all wear masks to cope but we should never become our masks
      Glad you loved the discussed ideas and quotes as well and appreciate your time to go through these old posts so much 😊😊 have a great day!

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