Are These Blogging Habits Bothering You As Well?

Since I decided to really blog and got the meaning of the real blogging not just publishing your writings, I faced many practices and habits that are really annoying and then after reading many articles and big amount of advice about blogging, I also discovered that some of these practices are not recommended at all! Of course I wrote about interaction an entire post, about the disrespect and not replying to the bloggers.
You can check it from the below link if you want.

Please check this site; it really helps you with some tips:
And you can read some articles that might help you, there are plenty of them.

Now I’ll mention few habits that are really bothering me and some points will be a “déjà vu”! But what do we say about repeating? There’s an Arabic proverb that is many consider offending but it’s very true “El Tekrar Bi3allem el 7mar” something like repetition teaches the brainless. No offense guys, it’s the proverb 😊.  Other habits will not be mentioned among the bad habits in the various articles because they’re much more than that! They’re spamming not blogging.

And the annoying winners are:

The blogger that comments constantly and regularly on the other bloggers’ comments on your blog (damn what a sentence 😁 ) even after you asked them nicely to stop because the WP will send their comments to SPAM.
They are acting as if they are the admin and answering people on your behalf! I believe that all people here are clever enough to understand and listen otherwise they won’t be in this community, it’s not a school or kindergarten, we’re all grownups and dear bloggers, you will be blocked for that!

Again the number of followers is the least of my concerns even if I appreciate each and every one of you, I appreciate you as readers and bloggers not as followers!

The blogger that is so offended by your point of view so they just like your comment, as if “I didn’t like what you said!” Okay noted, didn’t like your attitude either.

The blogger that pop up every now and then to like your posts but they think you’re not worth to be followed, even though it’s readers what I care about not followers as I mentioned, but you need to follow the blog so you can read right?  Why bother to search for me each time? Good stalking skills? Bravo Chapeau! 👍👍

The bloggers that don’t accept other’s point of views and opinions even after they ask for it. Or they don’t bother to say a simple thank you after you give your answer.

The blogger that like your posts over and over, I mean you have 80 posts but you got 200 likes! Annoying! Who’s the damn stupid who would dislike and like again! I might have the premium plan only to block these bloggers! I have a free plan and I don’t have many options except removing these bloggers, I don’t want you to follow me, please stop doing it! Stop following over and over! It’s sick.

The bloggers that flirt and they love you and want to marry you? Really? I’m not against flirting if it’s mutual, go ahead it’s normal but when it’s not, don’t be such a freak please, it’s not the Stone Age! Please don’t assume and decide what people like and love based on a blurred picture.

Some spammers just can’t stop, I usually block their comments but what I’m reading on other’s blogs is really nonsense and annoying… why would you keep such spammers? Spamming your posts and throwing their insecurities on you…And you’re okay with that? You’re free just asking why?

The blogger that likes your comments everywhere on other blogs or your blog without following you, and then they comment on your post and ask you to follow them, really? I’m not speaking about liking other’s comments because you like the way they think, totally cool but making it a habit and still you don’t follow the damn blog if you’re so impressed and loving the way this person thinks? I find it so hypocrite and insecure.

Imagine you wake up with the below notifications on your phone, or while you’re very busy your phone is raining notifications! Congratulations you pissed me off and I’m buying whatever plan it is just to block such bloggers and I will post about you so you think twice the next time you decide to be a damn spammer.

The non-readers that are obsessed about the number of followers and likes, they don’t give a shit about your content, they like your posts instantly before even reading and like the spammers mentioned above, they invade your blog with 20 or 30 likes and you were like: oh wow! The Flash is reading my blog 😁

The blogger that gives you a like on your valuable interaction. Sorry guys I must repeated this 100 times but remember the Arabic proverb? Well you can read about blogging mistakes and this is one of them, when someone respects you enough to really read and share their thoughts, giving them a like is a big insult, so now you know why people stop interacting with you. You get to give me a like on my comment only once dear. I have plenty of other things to read and do believe me!

The blogger that asks you to read their posts i.e. all their posts. Please don’t make it seem like a duty, it’s a choice I make because I respect you for stopping by many times and read many posts, when you ask it and force it, I retreat. And it’s different than recommending some posts every now and then to your fellow bloggers, totally different! This mentioned way is great because some new bloggers haven’t read your old posts and they might be related to something you’re discussing now, to not repeat yourself, you make reference to an old post, totally cool.

The blogger that keep posting very well-known quotes and referring them to their blog! You should give the credit to the person that said this quote, it’s so disrespectful.

The blogger that doesn’t check their spam and they still like your posts while many comments of you on their posts are neglected and awaiting moderation or just lying is SPAM folder. It’s really a kindergarten attitude. Respect the damn readers, I already raised this subject and I was as harsh as your behavior.

For the jealous bloggers, I’m really sorry for the waste of energy while each person is unique as fingerprints, my site name is: My Emotional Fingerprint because I believe each breath I take is unique! I’m sorry you think you’re not enough.

This is what I remember so far, so now you know what annoys me and if you feel offended, I’m sorry you do, you can unfollow my blog or stop visiting at all, I’m totally okay and I respect your decision. I’m a very direct and honest person and I do it my way, unless you show me a better way.

Thank you for reading, your thoughts are very welcome and if I missed someone’s comment ever, please do inform me, I check my SPAM everyday but still!
Except the comments I decided to send to the spam because of all the reasons I just stated.

Huguette Antoun – March 30th 2019

100 thoughts on “Are These Blogging Habits Bothering You As Well?

  1. Wow Huguetta, you got a lot of your chest! I hope you feel better after writing this… To be honest, a lot of this bothered me too! I’m glad you put it out there… ❤

    1. Oh yes Suki I feel much better! 😀 I’m really glad that a lot bothered you too, that means I wasn’t being unfair with all these people or just angry for nothing, I always think more than twice before stating such things…Thank you for reading ❤

  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly. You know many of us face it and a few like you have the courage to say it on the face. Thank you for this post. I couldn’t agree more with you about the followers and readers part, meaning i care about the followers who genuinely read and comment. I have seen that many randomly like and even comment something very general and don’t even bother to read. Everyone is trying really hard to make this work. And I do check my spam daily. I feel everyone should. I get tired of letting people know that my comments might have gone to their spam. It’s kind of their duty to check spam nd thank the genuine readers.
    I just used to post to rant😂
    Anyway, thank you ..

    1. Thank you Ramyani, really appreciate it☺As I just replied to another blogger, glad you agree on what I said so I don’t feel I was unfair, or I just ranted not more…because I really believe these are so annoying and I really don’t care at all to say things as they are 🙂
      Oh yes this spam thing, OMG how many times we mentioned it! 😅
      Thank you for reading and the great interaction ❤

      1. I love interacting with bloggers. I feel this is another world where I can talk with people on the other side of the world and I respect this platform.. it’s not for random liking and following..
        I think you are very fair.

      2. Same here! I wrote a whole post about the interaction importance, I mean can you imagine you’re writing everything just for you? Then keep them in a word file 🙂
        Have a great time 🙂

  3. I see you get the same people liking all your things as well. Having a premium plan on a mobile means you can’t do all the features. Some are desktop only which is incredibly irritating.

    1. Thank you for reading Athena and for your interaction, didn’t get your first sentence
      About the premium plan, I checked and not lot of benefits are granted, as you said irritating, so I might move from this site to and search for a good plan

      1. I have the same lady liking everything too. I do go and like posts from unknown people and surprisingly you get a lot of follows from that but it doesn’t translate to readers and commenters so blind likes I guess. I do check out all of those people’s blogs but often it’s so difficult to find the follow button. I think some blogs are just weirdly designed.

      2. I do agree with you, I do that too, I visit, I read and like but check the pictures I just posted, it’s really not acceptable for someone that doesn’t want to even follow you, or this one who dislike your post then like it again and again? can you imagine? it’s not really blogging
        and as you said some sites are fake or SPAM when you click you get that it’s has been deleted or so

      3. I get that so much that people who have commented actually have deleted their site. Makes no sense especially given what there commenting on and the comments they make.

      4. Yes it’s weird, they are certainly spammers since they can comments and you can’t check their sites! Some people have nothing to do or they are so afraid to just be their-selves and show their true identity so they act like this

  4. Glad to know your boundaries a little better. Thanks for that, Huguetta! I will try to respect them when I comment on your posts.

    “Repetition teaches brainless”. By chance, are you familiar with the studies in psychology that indicate people, on average, need to hear something repeated three to four times to memorize it? It’s interesting there’s a proverb that seems to recognize that fact.

    I have come across blogs that have a “Comments Policy” page. I would urge you to create such a page, since you have such detailed preferences for how to comment on your blog.

    Curiously, we have such different tastes in this matter. For instance, I love it when commentators on my blog comment on each other’s comments. It also seems I’m rather indifferent to whether anyone follows my blog or not, except that whenever someone does, I check out their blog — I’m always looking for new blogs to read — provided I like them.

    Currently, Huguetta, I cycle through about 160 – 180 or so blogs a month. Thank the gods I’m retired and have the time! But I can’t always recall offhand everyone’s own comment policy, so perhaps it would be a great idea if you would create a page to lay out yours. I hate crossing people’s boundaries, even accidentally. Your call, of course.

    1. Thank you Paul for reading and respecting! Each person decides what’s best for them, of course you’ll have another perspective and point of view and you’re totally free, as I am of course
      I’m not expecting people to just agree with me, I’m just expecting them to respect my boundaries as you just stated and I’m thankful for that! I also love to check other’s blogs and interact, I created posts from my comments, I’m speaking about specific behavior and as I’m seeing now, many agree on these points as many may not.
      Yes I’m aware of these psychology studies but the Arabic proverb is often taken as a joke, even though it’s true.
      Appreciate our valuable interaction

  5. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with all this. I hope this individual or these individuals clear out of your notifications soon. Do you report them?

    1. Thank you Nova 🙂 Well you can just delete the comment, or just remove them when they follow you back, in the free plan you can’t report or block, but when someone invades you with likes and so, nothing to be done actually, I just posted them so they know how annoying they are

  6. ❤️ many thanks from the newbie. This made me smile for many reasons. Do people really do these things? I only just learned about “doxxing” las week. What are we-in high school? Oh spammers, really?

    I’m still working out the ‘following’ protocol. Sometimes it’s clear who I want to follow; sometimes I want to wait and watch. Sometimes I comment and then later I’m thinking-I didn’t really just type that. 🤐 I know that if I try to follow everyone—I’ll burn out here before I get going!

    I do enjoy the comments section. All the interesting ideas shared. I feel it’s in the comments that I get a real feel for the blogger. And liking someone’s comment to me is like ‘hey, I’m here-part of this community-and I like the interaction I see here!’

    I recently wrote in a piece: ‘follow me…warn you..sometimes I trip and fall…’ but it’s true! I’m no saint! 😇🙈👿I’m not looking for a following-I just want to reach every human on earth so I can share my story. And when You comment with your own thoughts it adds layers to the meaning. Then it becomes Eveyone’s story. Well, whoever wants to share in building it up…
    This is super cool to me. And one of the reasons I’m ❤️ing WordPress. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂 so glad it made you laugh, what’s better than a good laugh?😁 what’s your name by the way? mine is Huguette
      Never heard of doxxing, just Googled it, we learn everyday 🙂
      I believe it’s more about respect and logic than protocol, I love interacting as I mentioned in my post, I wrote a separate post about interaction, you can check it! But I never was a spammer! That’s it
      Yes I probably regret some things I said and then I say, this is who I am, I should never regret 🙂
      Regarding liking the comments, I also was clear about what I meant: check the pictures 🙂 these are not the same picture, these are multi pictures for different comments done at the same very minute while I was trying to do something very important on my mobile but I said liking other comments as hey I liked what you said is totally cool.
      You’re honest and nice and believe me it’s your blog and your rules, whatever you want and feel good, you can do but these are the points that annoy me personally and I thought I should share them
      Thank you really for this great and valuable interaction ❤ ☺

      1. I get ya! I see the same face—but oh my goodness not like that! Not ok. Super creepy people. Yes, that is difficult to ignore when it’s so in your face. Message to creepy people reading this—“STOP!!”

        I thought that was an awesome way you handled the situation—and also a heads up to the rest of us. Much appreciated.

        Nice to meet you Huguette. What a pretty name. I am a faceless pseudonym—for the sake of my mother’s privacy. But NZain Robotewske has special symbolism for me. NZain is my name.

        I am glad you shared these points. So valuable to the newbie—at first I was like oh geez am I doing these? I don’t want to be “that blogger” haha! But it’s so true! Respect and logic, indeed! Now if only the rest of the world would follow suit…
        Be well today 🙂

      2. Nice to know you NZain 🙂 whatever comfortable for you, don’t worry at all! Thank you for the nice words, so kind of you and glad you understand my point, we’re all new here but some of us make some effort and read more that’s it. I’m not an expert, I’m just doing my best and appreciate your support 🙂
        Thank you for your time to read and interact, I wish you the best of luck always
        Have a great time ☺

  7. Ha ha repetition teaches the brainless. Still laughing about that one 😂
    Was always wondering what all those comment likes were about. And why someone kept replying to comments I had made to you. Thought they just meant to comment to you and had replied to me by accident. Now I know better.
    I just find it all quite funny though. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest.
    And this will probably annoy yourself and a few commenters…I didn’t even know about my spam box until about 2 weeks ago! I only read and comment on mobile. When I go on WordPress on pc it is solely to write and I don’t allow myself any distractions or fiddling about. (Since it was brought to my attention I only check once a week).
    Not attributing another person’s work does bother me though. That’s their original thought. Have some respect indeed.
    With that said you’re making me think too much…I’m going to have to unfollow you. My brain can’t take it 😂😂

    1. Hey Chris, still here? Hahah 😂 If you didn’t unfllow yet, thank you for reading and glad I could make you laugh☺ you will laugh more to know that in Arabic we say literally “donkey” not “brainless”
      Yes weird right? Someone is replying to you the entire you, well it does bother me 🙂 I find it so annoying not funny at all😑
      I know sometimes people have no clue about SPAM, I also open from mobile many times but at some point, I guess this information should show up in some place, some post , even if late no problem but imagine for an example now your comment went to spam and I have no clue that you even commented from the first place, and you don’t tell me because you think I don’t want to answer or so…
      Now I’m sure your brain will urge you to unfollow 😂😂
      Have a good night and happy Sunday 🙂

      1. 😂 I was going to just ‘like’ that comment for the laugh 😂
        I guess if they were doing it on my post I’d get a bit annoyed. It’s flattery in an annoying way. Where’s my comment reply person 😂
        Spam thing- I’m not to good with technology. It was actually ilonapulianauskaite that pointed it out to me. Maybe I should check it more then. Don’t want to disrespect anyone.
        Donkey? That makes just as much sense 😂
        I’ve tried to unfollow you…can’t find the button…are you spamming me 😂😂
        Same to you Huguette. Much love and thanks for the laugh. Still smiling now 😊

      2. 😂😂 yes I blocked you so you can’t unfollow haha
        thank you Chris, appreciate the laughs and the nice communication, yes it will be funny if you suddenly started to like posts , I will cope automatically I guess haha
        I’m reading your post but will take more time on that since we started the spring timing and it’s now 1:30 AM
        Much love to you and glad this post created all these laughs and smiles😊

      3. Oh so you got my comment then. Glad it’s not in spam 😂
        Thought it was a bit late for yourself. No socialising tonight?!
        Just going to bed myself. Not really tired but if I don’t go my son won’t either 🙄
        Really enjoyed the post. Love your directness actually 😊
        And am not making light of the things that annoy you. Here we tend to joke most about the serious stuff but we still appreciate their true meaning.
        Between my family and me we don’t say goodnight at bedtime. We say night night.
        So night night Huguette. Hope you have a nice sleep and good day tomorrow 😊

      4. Good morning Chris 😊 still your comments not marked as spam 😂 who knows when haha
        I didn’t think you’re making the things that annoy me light, you said you don’t mind that’s why I answered that they annoy me
        I have a good sense of humor don’t worry 🙂
        Socializing haha oh no sleeping is much better, I’m in the mountains anyway 😌
        Thank you for the nice words and respect as always, hope you’re having a good Sunday 😊

      5. Good morning to you too Huguette 😊
        Ah well, I’ll keep commenting then. Might get lucky some day 😂
        Good to know you’ve a good sense of humour wouldn’t like to offend unknowingly. If I do offend anyone I like to do it on purpose 😂
        I’m with you on the sleeping thing. Much better to wake up refreshed than suffering from a hangover. Although that has its moments too.
        Ah, you’re in the mountains. Hense the love for them rather than the beach. Nice.
        Likewise Huguette. Although am a bit tense this morning as someone’s mother is miles away doing more important things than visiting her son. Hopefully he’ll see her later as he has a card waiting. We’ll see.
        Anyways, hope you have a great day and give much love to your mum.
        Take care

      6. Hahaha oh yes go ahead I also rather block on purpose 😂😂
        I visit my parents during the weekend, they live in a village outside the capital, thank you for such nice words, much love to your mom as well and I feel bad each time I know your ex wife is not being present for her son! You know my opinion on that! Hope she’ll reconsider and manage her priorities in life!
        Take care too and hope the day will get better 🙂

      7. Ha ha The game is on then 😂😂
        Oh, very nice. Hope you all have a nice day together.
        Am getting a visit from my parents today. And they live 100miles away. They will see my son quicker than someone who is only 1 mile away. Hense my tension and frustration.
        Yes, I know your opinion. You articulated it very well 🙂
        I have that hope regarding someone’s priorities also.
        Sure we’ll see how the day goes.
        Much love as always Huguette 😊

      8. 😁😁
        It’s a rainy day from Spring, we’re not believing what’s happening but it was a great day thank you 🙂
        Hope it will be a good day for you and your son in all aspects! Hope it will be a good visit and eventually his mother will show up as well 🙂 Much love and support and greetings to your son as well 🙂

  8. Hahaa. Dang. I don’t know if I have experienced the spam stuff but the interaction with my fellow bloggers is great. I enjoy going to others pages and seeing the viewership grow, likes, comments. Overall success.

    1. Thank you for reading and the nice interaction 🙂 I enjoy that too, I wrote a whole post about interaction and I made so far 3 posts from my comments on other blogs! Interaction is great, spamming is not cool

      1. Anytime anytime. Yeah I agree now. Spamming is a waste of time. What’s your other post names about interaction. When I get some more free time later own today I can read them.

    1. hahah 😂😂 glad I made you laugh, yes I have this tornado effect when I’m pissed
      You know I have many proposals so far, let me sort them out hahahha 😁😂

  9. I have this women as well in my spam box, i asked her if she was reading the post? She said, i did a little bit, how you can read someones post a little bit? I mean you read or you don’t😂i was going to sleep, but Chris told me, that you wrote a post, so i came to read it. I banned some people, but yes, they still have ability to like your post and comments, they just can’t comment anymore, dislike and like again, this one is something new😂 when i started blogging i noticed i was dropping to much likes everywhere on the conversation, i found it useless at the end, always good to improve, is so late here, Good Night!!!🤗

    1. Thank you Ilona for taking time and reading before you sleep, so nice of Chris 😌
      As I said liking other comments is totally cool as a sign that you like what they said but check the pictures and you know why I got mad, I couldn’t touch my phone for minutes, she couldn’t stop, I checked her blog, nothing I can understand plus she didn’t even follow me which I don’t want to but come on! It’s sick
      For the spammy comments you can click disapprove and trash or spam and in less than second they go, this one is easy, you shouldn’t keep spam and insecurity comments, my opinion at least
      Have a great Sunday and thank you for your comment 😊😊💕

      1. Yes, on phone is already difficult to do blogging and to answer comments, if something keep popping up is impossible to continue, thank you, have a great Sunday as well🤗

  10. Oh wow this is wonderful! Well said Huguetta! 😊 And the pictures really speaks for them self 😝 I did not know that someone else can reply to your comments on your behalf…now this is strange 😳 and why someone would do such a thing? 🤔
    I do enjoy being part of this community and I do enjoy reading the others posts…so many wonderful things 😊 Actually I’m spending more of my time going around and reading the others than doing my own posts…😊 And you know I still need to get back to you 😝 I’m just sorry that I don’t have more time to do it 😊

    1. Thank you Ribana for reading and the lovely interaction 😊 yes the pictures are how I felt literally 😂
      Well on my behalf because it’s my blog and the blogger is speaking to me so why the hell you will keep replying to their comments? It annoyed me as f*** tbh
      Well as I mentioned in many comments so far, I spend lot of time really reading and interacting, I made so far 3 posts from my comments 😊 and there are more, but when it’s not mutual, I rather spend time on people whom are willing to spend time on me unless the blog I follow is kind of major subject to me like psychology and human behavior, this is different
      Oh don’t worry at all, I’m preparing you 10 more questions 😂😂you will enjoy a lot 😁😁
      Have a great Sunday 💕

      1. 😊 yes there are plenty! Looking forward for the post, anyway I’m reading your new one, you’re keeping me busy haha 😁

  11. Just couldn’t stop myself from bursting into laughter😂 This post is epic! Totally loved the way you roasted spammers😄
    I feel you! One of the above mentioned accounts, flooded my notification bar as well😑
    When other people reply to my comment on someone else’s post, I do used to wonder why are they thanking me on someone else’s behalf. But then I’m like, maybe they did it by accident. Spamming and not giving credits to other people for their work. NOT COOL MAN!
    Never thought of checking my spam folder though. I find it to be waste of my time and energy😁

    1. ohhh not cool! hahaha You should check if there are some valuable comments there 🙂 some people really read your posts and they interact, then their comments go to Spam that’s it 🙂
      I made many people laugh in this post, glad you’re one of them 😂😁

    1. Thank you for reading and I’m really glad this post spoke to you and I could somehow express some of your concerns 🙂 Appreciate your interaction

  12. hello Huguetta , i learned a lot from reading you article , actually it’s quit hard to wake up and find all those notifications on our phones , even worst when it’s spammers , hope you are doing better now , take care of yourself

    1. Hello, thank you so much for reading and for the kind words! it’s appreciated 🙂 I’m great thank you for asking, felt better the moment I pressed published haha
      I want to thank you as well for sharing all the beauty tips and fashion, they are great ☺

  13. Oh my god, I tried to multitask (watching a movie while reading) bad idea. I had to stop watching to understand what you were saying. Hahaha 😀

    Anyway, quote: “If you’re so impressed and loving the way this person thinks? I find it so hypocrite and insecure” I AGREE! and just for the record that “Triarianiindah” also like a lot of my comments.

    I was not aware you can’t block people, so I checked. You can blacklist spammers in the settings under “discussion”

    1. Oh Jessica you cannot read my heavy content while watching a movie hahahah
      Thank you so much for reading! Yes seems she has nothing to do apart from this, I will check if this works, I did a research and found out that you need premium plan to block people so will see if the blacklist works. Thank you Jessica 🙂 Have a great day

      1. Yes. I’ve learn my lesson. I won’t do it again. haha 😀
        I did some blacklisting in my free wordpress blog and it works. Hope the same thing happened to you side.

      2. I see… I checked it. You’re right. This sucks. 😦 about 9 years ago when WordPress was young I remember that everything was possible in the free site. No ads and I even modified the templates without paying for the premium.

      3. Yes of course they make changes to make you pay for the premium, I’m checking which is best premium or because the premium plan is not very good, especially the SEO thing, not available, you need to get the business plan, more expensive and I don’t all this to be honest

      4. I’ve search around the internet for pros and con and from personal experience too, Instead of premuim I’d go for the self-hosted .org. You’ll save in the long run and feel more in control.

  14. I’m not a great user of the like bottom myself, but isn’t that just the way to express general sympathy for the poster or the contents without really having to explain too much? Some people seem to use it also to be able to say things that might be misunderstood and still express sympathy and the wish to remain on good terms.

    At any rate, it’s interesting to read your list of irritations. I would never have thought of any of them myself, and I consider myself pretty good at finding things to be annoyed with.

    I wonder if it’s a general sentiment that you shouldn’t comment on the comments of others unless the original post is yours. I rather like open discourse, and I don’t care where the contents come from as long as it comes.

    If I were to be irritated by anything in comments sections (which I am not) it would be the common tendency to praise without really explaining what’s good about it. Modern people seem to get thinner skin all the time and in constant need of praise and reaffirmation. That’s why I like your post here: it’s a refreshingly direct voicing of your irritation.

    1. Thank you for reading and for your interaction, your site is not available, hope it’s not another SPAM site 🙂

      Let me start by asking you: what if I just like your comment now? What’s wrong with the like? You’re speaking to me, giving your opinion and I just like your comment, if it’s totally cool for you, then you’re free, but for me it’s a total disrespect, it’s the same as someone is speaking to you and you’re ignoring them, it’s not blogging rules, it’s basic respect rules…
      What’s wrong of the simple thank you? How many seconds it will take? No need for too much explanation
      If you check the post, you’ll read that I wrote what’s annoying and I didn’t say I’m totally against this, I said it’s totally cool to like someone’s comment as hey I like what you said but have you checked the pictures? This is SPAM
      As also I don’t mind you people speak to each other’s in the comments if they know each other’s or getting to, but it’s not the case when you invade the posts and you answer everyone and everybody commenting and speaking to me every time and everywhere! If you find this normal and cool, also you’re free, none of the bloggers found it cool, and they were all freaked out, why the hell this person is answering them.
      This is why I appreciate a real interaction, not just “good job” without even reading, but here I can’t force people to read right? When they say good job, I say thank you…And since you mentioned this, imagine I’m explaining in details why I loved your post and I analyzed many points, and I answered some questions you asked and then, you just liked my comment 🙂
      I appreciate your time to read and I’m glad you like the direct voicing, I also appreciate your time and efforts and I respect your point of view 🙂

  15. Thanks for the detailed reply Huguetta.
    I don’t know why my site isn’t available. I checked the settings just now and it should be linked via the user profile. At any rate it is Story Reviews

    You’re saying that it is insulting to reply to a thorough comment to someone with nothing more than a like, right. I get that, but it’s better than nothing. And sometimes people have other things to do than go on replying ad infinitum, no?

    The other situations about someone following you around and replying to all the comments, well, I’ve never experienced it. I didn’t know anybody did that.
    Could be a male sniffing around the butts of female bloggers. We are a bit doggish that way. Another of your points touches on this in your mention of matrimonial proposals (or was it flirting). This might be hard to avoid, or even establish a proper blogger’s etiquette on.
    I have recently had a number of insistent and unwanted sexual approaches in real life, and finally- after 30 years on the scene, understand how god damn annoying that part of life might be for an attractive woman.

    You might be more verbose than many other people, as am I, and have more confidence in your own ability to express yourself. For some people it is a lot of work. They might think very well but labour with expressing their thoughts. So when you have commented and replied at length without a great effort, a reply to this might cost another person who is less verbose and less expressive much more effort. You never know this. An exchange can easily be from an expressive person just hammering away on the keyboard to an unexpressive person whose every word takes an effort to get out. I’d understand if such a person would choose to just give you a like to put an end to it, so to speak.

    But to answer your question. It would be annoying if you just gave a like to a detailed reply. But it wouldn’t bother me, my expectations are pretty low in that respects :). That’s probably why I was surprised to read of your irritations of other bloggers.
    I tend to get happy when something good happens in the blogosphere or discussion forums, but when what is happening is senseless and, to me, silly, I just ignore it.
    Good you get irritated, it shows you have high expectations of people.

  16. I do agree with your multiple points there. I really cannot understand how one person could read 10 of your post in a minute.. Come on. It’s physically impossible.

    I do agree with your irritation about people commenting on your work asking you to follow them wheeennnn they themselves dont follow you and had checked your post only then and there for the first time.

    For me its not all about the follows but the connection you build with your readers as well. What is the point of having of 10,000 followers if none of them gives you honest and real feedback.

    I realised something as I read this post. I know that I have been away for a long time… but the fact that YOU remembered me and instantly commented on my “I’m Back” post really touched me. The fact that you were mad at me for being gone for so long warmed my heart. SO YES IT IS THE CONNECTION YOU MAKE WITH PEOPLE and not the follows. I had to put it in bold letters in order to make an impact. hahaha

    Thank you for remembering me. Thank you thank you thank you. :)I will always remember you… I hope you know that! 🙂

    1. Thank you Eva! Yes of course it’s the connection and real interaction! I ranted about it in many posts hahah
      Those likers that don’t read annoy me!
      And of course I would be thrilled to see you back dear and I would be honest about it and get angry on you hahah , I read it in bold hahah don’t worry
      You’ll always be remembered Eva as well and hope you’ll never have to take another break but even if, we’ll be waiting for you to be back ❤

      1. Thank you so much to hear that 🙂 You know it only takes one person to make a difference. Thank you so much for your kind words… 🙂

        I also realised when I was on my break that you really have to do something different from your field of work. One should Invest in something or a hobby our of their work. Writing/ Blogging was this for me. It adds color to my sometimes monotonous/dull life. 🙂 Is it the same for you as well?

      2. just stating the truth 🙂
        Yes indeed but believe me this blog is really consuming me! To read what others write, to respect them and to practice what I preach, I spend hours sometimes and I hardly sleep 🙂 you might say it’s not possible but the posts really take time and really reading also takes time, I’m enjoying of course! But hardly finding time to do anything else at all..

  17. Well the time you have spent in your blog is clearly reflected by your achievements 🙂 So I’d like to think that it’s a time well spent. Yes it is indeed quite time consuming but it’s all about balancing everything and enjoying . 🙂 Which I think you are both doing.

    1. I take my shit very seriously haha but I do enjoy this! words flow so naturally! The best thing I can do is this 🙂 writing, using the words in many aspects…So I must manage to do other things as well
      Thank you dear appreciate your uplifting words ❤

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